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joe graves

Michigan's 51st District House Seat

Do you live in the

51st District?

The 51st District Includes:

Genesee County

Flushing Twp

Clayton Twp

Gaines Twp

Argentine Twp

Fenton Twp

Atlas Twp

City of Linden

City of Fenton

Village of Gaines

Village of Atlas



Oakland County

Groveland Twp

Holly Twp

Village of Holly

Rose Twp






More than fifty years ago, my parents came to Michigan for opportunity. Today, there is no guarantee that my grandchildren will be able to stay.

That is not the direction our great state should be going.

It will take bold actions to get Michigan back on track.  But, change is never easy. The defenders of the status quo will fight back, and fight back hard, but itís important to keep our eye on the future and whatís best for our state.

joe's family Joe's Family

As your state representative I have been and will continue working hard to create an environment in Michigan where families can stay and succeed.

To me, public service is an opportunity to give back. I have been honored to serve Genesee County as a County Commissioner, and as Argentine Township Clerk, Argentine Township Trustee, and now as State Representative in the 51st District. I am a retired engineer from General Motors and a small business owner.

I know the struggles that our families face in providing and finding good-paying jobs.  As a community leader, I have never voted to raise taxes or fees. I am pro-life, pro-gun, and pro-family.  My wife of 30 years and I have four adult children, two of which are teachers here in our community, and twelve grandchildren.  I want a future for them here in Michigan.

This is our chance and our opportunity to lead Michigan back to prosperity. 

Please join me in continuing my fight in Lansing to get Michigan back to work.  If you are interested in being a volunteer for this campaign, please contact me at 810 523 2439.

Joe Graves




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Detroit Chamber of Commerce

Farm Bureau of Michigan

ABC (Associated Builders and

Contractors of Michigan)

Michigan Townships Association

Michigan Credit Union League

National Federation of Independent Business

A+ Rating from the Michigan Coalition

for Responsible Gun Owners

Michigan Realtor's Association

Michigan Restaurant Association

Michigan Retailers Association

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